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“Animal Protection through Politics, Advocacy & Education”

Since 1990 Animal Alliance of Canada has been committed to the protection of all animals and the promotion of a harmonious relationship among people, animals and the environment.  Bringing together dedicated professionals with proven records in animal and environmental protection, together we work on local, national, and international educational and legislative advocacy initiatives to protect animals and our environment.

Animals are used in every conceivable manner, and as humans continue to pollute the world and destroy natural environments, animals also die.

With increasing numbers of individuals recognizing that animals are not ours to kill, eat, wear, experiment upon or exploit for entertainment, Animal Alliance of Canada has become a respected and powerful force.  Please join us.

Animal Alliance of Canada is a federally incorporated, primarily volunteer organization.  We have chosen to register as a non-profit organization so we can influence politicians, who are the gate-keepers of all legislation affecting animals and the environment.  Charities are substantially restricted in their ability to lobby for legislative change.

Our focus is to achieve long-term animal and environmental protection through political action, legislative advocacy, and public education.