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“We save the ones who no one else will”

Project Jessie is a rescue network for lost, stray and abandoned cats and dogs in pounds where they are vulnerable to being sold for research.

This practice, known as pound seizure, is mandated under Ontario’s Animals for Research Act. We are fighting to put an end to pound seizure and ban this breach of trust for lost pets or pet owners forced to surrender their companions to municipal pounds.

Project Jessie was founded in 1991, and named after a dog that we were one day too late to save from the researchers. Since discovering the severity of the problem, we have been successful in saving about 400 loving animals EVERY YEAR – over 7200 sweet, adoptable companion animals since the program began!

Project Jessie, however, is a “bandaid” solution to a problem requiring a legislative solution. While we continue to work to effect municipal and provincial bans on pound seizure, we diligently continue to reduce the supply of companion animals at the source.

To see the animals currently available for adoption, to help rescue a dog or cat, or to make a donation, please visit the Project Jessie website. Thanks!


NuCèlle Inc. is a proud sponsor of Animal Alliance and Project Jessie. Twenty (20%) percent of all retail sales will be donated to AAC. Visit for more information.


Thank you!!!

We would like to thank the generous support for our Project Jessie animals from

The Danforth Vet Clinic
The Glendale Veterinary Hospital
The Albion Hills Veterinary Hospital

Global Pet Foods (Orangeville)
Wag on the Danforth
Martin Mills
PetPointe (Etobicoke)
Pet Value (Front Street E., Toronto)