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Shelly Hawley-Yan is a full-time staff member and editor for the AAC newsletter “Take Action!”.  She coordinates our Project Jessie rescue network and is a Board member but does not work out of our main office.  Shelly can be reached at 519-940-4712 or can answer your questions about adoptions and provide advice through her e-mail: shelly@animalalliance.ca

Lia Laskaris is a full-time staff member and donor relations coordinator.  She also maintains the AAC and AAEVPC websites and social media and can be reached at the office at 416-462-9541 ext: 24 or through her e-mail: lia@animalalliance.ca

Liz White is a full-time staff and Board member.  She works on legislative matters, with her primary issues including municipal animal control by-laws and hunting issues.  Liz is AAC’s fundraising coordinator and can be reached at 416-462-9541 ext:23 or through her e-mail: liz@animalalliance.ca

Board Members:

Sinikka Crosland, another long-time animal activist, joined AAC’s Board in 2007. Sinikka is Executive Director of The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (based in Westbank, British Columbia) and co-founder, past president and advisor for The Responsible Animal Care Society (based in Kelowna, British Columbia).  Sinikka can be reached through her email:  sinikka@animalalliance.ca.

Georges Dupras volunteers his time from Montreal to work on a number of different animal and environmental issues, specializing in bear and seal issues.  Georges can be reached through his email:  georges@animalalliance.ca.

Barry Kent MacKay is a Director for AAC, Zoocheck Canada and the Born Free USA United with The Animal Protection Institute. He is an author and artist.  Barry assists AAC primarily on various bird and wildlife issues.  Barry can be reached through his email:  barry@animalalliance.ca.

Anne Streeter volunteers her time from Montreal to assist on a number of animal issues.  She also volunteers for a Montreal-area “no kill” shelter.  Anne can be reached through her email:  anne@animalalliance.ca.

Vicki Van Linden joined AAC’s Board in 2012.  Vicki volunteers her time from London to assist on a number of animal issues.  Vicki started her animal advocacy work volunteering with domestic cat rescue more than a decade ago. In 2007 she became involved with efforts to improve animal protection laws in Ontario,  especially for wild animals in captivity. She co-founded and still directs a grassroots advocacy group called Friends of Captive Animals (FOCA).  She participates in a citizens’ advisory committee that promotes best practices regarding municipally supported companion animal services and protection of urban wildlife. Vicki can be reached through her email:  vicki@animalalliance.ca.