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The City of Hamilton is a port city located in southern Ontario, west of Lake Ontario, Canada. The Niagara Escarpment runs through the middle of the city, dividing Hamilton into “Upper” and “Lower” parts.

Like other municipalities fortunate enough to share urban space with wildlife, Hamilton is experiencing human / wildlife conflicts, specifically with deer in the Iroquoia Heights Conservation Area. But, like other municipalities have learned, there are progressive, humane, non-lethal methods that can be employed to encourage peaceful co-habitation between deer and Hamilton residents.

Animal Alliance first learned of Hamilton’s situation through Paul Glendenning, a Hamilton resident and nature-lover. Paul and other local activists took Animal Alliance on a tour through Iroquoia Heights, a big beautiful green space in the heart of the City. His article in the Hamilton Spectator summarizes the issue perfectly. Click here for Paul’s article.

The Hamilton Conservation Authority formed a Deer Management Advisory Committee, of which Animal Alliance was a member. The Conservation Authority received a report from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, recommending, among other things, that the Advisory Committee consider the killing of deer through a controlled gun hunt. The Ministry target is to kill all but 11 of the 102 deer they say live in Iroquoia Heights.

Click on the following link for the complete Ministry report:  Ancaster Wintering Deer Survey.

Thankfully Animal Alliance is a part of the Advisory Committee, and thankfully there are progressive cities employing humane methods to serve as models for Hamilton.

Animal Alliance prepared a report in response to the Conservation Authority’s deer cull proposal. Click on the following links for the Animal Alliance report and supporting documents:

Culling Deer in Iroquioa Heights Conservation Area

Appendix 1 Iroquoia Heights Natural Area Review

Appendix 2 Hamilton Conservation Authority Memorandum

Appendix 3 Hamilton Conservation Authority PowerPoint Presentation

Dundas Valley Natural Area review

Tiffany Falls Natural Area review

What You Can Do:

Local animal and environmental protection groups have worked to convince Council that humane, non-lethal, ethical and environmentally sensitive methods can be used successfully.

We need to make sure that the City employs these methods in the deer management programme. Please call and write the Mayor and Members of Council urging them to implement a non-lethal prevention programme for the deer in Iroquoia Heights and throughout the City of Hamilton. Hand-written letters are best, but you can also print our sign-on letter by clicking here.

Mayor Bob Bratina and Members of Council
Hamilton City Centre
77 James St. North
P.O.Box 2040, LCD1
Hamilton, ON L8R 2K3

Tel: 905-546-4200
Fax: 905-546-2340



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