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Photo courtesy of Doris Potter

No Deer Slaughter in 2010!

Thankfully, due to a low number of deer, there was no deer slaughter in Sifton Bog in 2010! For the most recent article on the issue, visit

The Issue:

The City of London is located in south western Ontario, Canada.  It has a total city population of 336,539 and a metropolitan area population of 432,451. The City is built around the forks of the Thames river which provides green corridors and significant green space throughout the City.

The corridors and parkland foster friendly and suitable habitat for wildlife animals who are able to co-habit in close proximity to people.  This is true of deer who travel throughout the green corridors of the city, with some residing in the Sifton Bog.

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority describes Sifton Bog as follows:

“Sifton Bog Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) is located on the south side of Oxford Street, west of Hyde Park Road. Parking is available at the main entrance on Oxford Street. The main feature of this 40-ha public site is the floating acid peat bog and associated boreal plant life. Deciduous swamp and upland forest surround the bog, providing a sharp contrast between the northern (boreal) and southern (Carolinian) vegetation types.”  (

Between 35 and 53 deer reside in the Sifton Bog.  Deer numbers fluctuate because deer have been observed moving from the bog to a nearby river corridor and back.

In 2003, London Council defeated a proposal to cull the deer in the Bog.  In early 2009, Council again defeated a proposed cull of the deer.

Below are documents which deconstruct the arguments put forward by wildlife managers, the Conservation Authority and the City in favour of the cull and lay out the arguments against lethal management.

Summary of the Issue

The Cruelty of Bow Hunting

Deer / Car Collisions

Herd Info

Other Impacts

Humane Alternatives

Sign-on Letter to City Council