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Photo courtesy of Carol L. Edwards Photography

The Issue:

How would YOU react to being told that former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne had approved a hunting season in Southern Ontario for Mourning Doves?

That’s right.  Mourning Doves! A universal symbol of peace and one of the most gentle, peaceful, and beautiful birds to grace our backyards, fields, and woodlands with their presence and soothing songs.  Our first reaction was disbelief.  What sort of person kills Mourning Doves for fun?  What sort of politician allows it? When we confirmed the charge was true, our disbelief turned to outrage!  And, a bloody-minded determination to stop the Mourning Dove hunt. Surely, you feel the same way.

Not since 1955 has a hunter in Ontario legally killed a Mourning Dove. But as of September 3, 2013, Harper’s and Wynne’s governments declared “Open Season” on these little birds—birds who mate for life.

Why would Harper and Wynne be willing and heartless accomplices in the killing season of Mourning Doves? To harvest votes from people who kill for fun.  For votes, it seems, both Harper and Wynne will serve up as many animal deaths and as much animal suffering as necessary.  All for fun.  All for votes.

To amuse themselves, is there no living being hunters won’t slaughter?  For political advantage, is there no living being politicians like Harper and Wynne won’t serve up to be wantonly and cruelly deprived of their lives for mere “fun?”  It seems not.

Our outrage—your outrage—won’t help the Mourning Doves or the other innocent creatures who hunters and politicians mark for death and suffering for fun and votes.  But, our activism can—and will.  As a team, we can make this decision to allow a Mourning Dove killing season one of the worst political mistakes they’ve ever made.  One that will cost them votes and, as importantly, donations.

Will you help us not only stop the Mourning Dove killing season (and save tens of thousands of birds), but also elevate the Mourning Dove to a national icon representing all the animals killed to satisfy some people’s perverse sense of fun?

Please, say “Yes!”

With your help, we can force Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Wynne to end the killing season of Mourning Doves, and end the perverse political advantage politicians get for pandering to hunters and other “sportsmen” who snuff out the lives of animals for fun.

What You Can Do:

With your help, we can begin to change politics in Canada so that when politicians consider animal policies they don’t pander to sport hunters and their cruel and destructive values, but rather listen to YOU—people whose values and activism offer hope for the protection and restoration of the community of living beings who, on this finite planet, make all our lives (human and non-human) possible.

We start with your letter, telephone calls, and emails sent to the Prime Minister and Wynne.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Tel:  613-995-0253

Premier Kathleen Wynne
Room 281, 111 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, ON M7A 1A1

Tel:  416-325-1941

Express your outrage. Demand an end to the Mourning Dove killing season.

For more information, read our document “Answering hunters, politicians, and government wildlife managers who promote killing Mourning Doves for fun.”

To listen to the Canadian representative of Born Free USA and Animal Alliance’s Board Member, Barry Kent MacKay, on CBC’s Ontario Morning, follow this link: